Night Care Worker (Full Time / Part Time / Bank)

Responsible to: Registered Home Manager

Purpose of Position

  • To provide or assist in wakeful night duty cover in the home

  • To undertake specified domestic or other task that can be effectively carried out during the night hours

  • To be responsible for service users’ safety and wellbeing at night

Principal Responsibilities

  • Help with going to bed at night, provide help during the night as needed and in getting up in the morning – all in line with the person’s care plan

  • Ensure that service users’ needs are met during the night in line with their needs and care plan

  • Provide all personal care and support needed to individual service users

  • Assist service users who need help, reassurance or comfort during the night

  • Carry out regular checks of service users at intervals as agreed on a care plan and with due regard for service users’ privacy

  • Carry out regular checks on the building with special reference to fire protection

  • Answer emergency calls, assess the situation, deal with the service user seeking help

  • In the time available between attending to care users, carry out useful domestic tasks, which can be carried out safely and without disruption, e.g. ironing, mending, food and dining room preparation, tidying or cleaning, preparing drinks and snacks (as directed)

  • Read and write reports for care plans and specific reasons such as accident or incident reports

  • Take part in staff meetings, supervision and training activities as directed, including working towards a vocational qualification if required

  • If new to care work, meeting care certificate standards

  • Ensure familiarity with all the relevant policies, procedures and night time protocols, including safeguarding, fire safety, and other health and safety requirements

  • Assist with the giving of medication (with training and assured competence to do so)

  • Carry out other reasonable duties as may be required